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Mako Roller Refill Mohair/Velour - 25cm/10 ea

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Mako Roller Refill Mohair/Velour - 25cm/10 ea


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    Mako Mohair/ Velour Rollers are a professional quality short pile roller, suitable for use with low viscosity finishes on smooth surfaces.

    We supply the most suitable rollers for the wide range of wood finishing products stocked ensuring a professional finish can easily be achieved. Each can be used many times after thorough cleaning.

    Also available: Mako Microfibre Roller Sleeves with a longer medium pile and Micromax Roller Sleeves for deeper grooved decking.

    • Use with low viscosity Oil based products
    • Professional quality:
    • - longer lasting
    • - better finish

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    Supplier Part No.747525

    Barcode No.4002168747557

    Please see our Mako Brushes and Rollers section for our full range of professional quality brushes and rollers for stains, paints, lacquers, varnishes and much more!

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